Friday, December 27, 2013

We are Here!!!

We have all made it to Florida as of today!  We had a little bit of craziness getting to Florida (delayed flight out, missed our shuttle, kids wouldn't go to sleep because they missed their new toys, Tim couldn't rent a car because his license was expired, etc.), but we made it!  Both sets of parents made it also and it's time for the fun to start!  After settling in, Ken, Delaine and us headed over to my mom and dad's resort to catch a bus to Downtown Disney.  Before going, we let the kids play at the playground for a bit.  Hannah wanted to take some pictures with Nana and I.

 We got to Downtown Disney and found a spot to eat dinner before walking around a bit.  The kids had fun looking at the huge Lego store and some of the Lego creations that were there.

We also went to the biggest Disney store there and had a ton of fun looking at all the stuff!  Hannah really wanted to buy something and really wanted a princess dress.  I held her off for now (she has a surprise coming on her birthday!) and instead decided on a Minnie Mouse that is dated for 2013.

Before leaving, there was a DJ playing music in the streets.  Cam was LOVING it!  He got right down and started dancing like crazy.  He loves music and loves to dance and he was cracking us up!!  Check out his moves!
We headed back to our condo afterwards so we could go to bed.  Tomorrow is a big day for us!

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