Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Magic Kingdom - Day 1

What a truly magical day we had today!  I will never forget the faces on the kids as they stepped onto Disney for the first time and saw Cinderella's castle!  We made some great memories!!

We were up and on the bus early to make it to the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible.  When we headed inside, it was awesome to see all of the Christmas decorations still up.  I've never been to Disney around Christmas so it was fun having a new experience for me too.  Hannah immediately was out of her stroller and ready for a shot with the castle in the back ground!
Not long after that, we saw our first character.  Although it wasn't one the kids knew well, Marie from Aristocats, it didn't take them long to figure out what to do!  I knew we were in for day of finding characters and filling up their autograph books.
We continued to walk down Main St. and stopped to get some pictures with the castle in the background, a classic shot for the Magic Kingdom!

Next, we headed toward Liberty Square because Tiana was over there somewhere and that was Hannah's favorite princess (for the day!)  Before she arrived, we went into the Christmas store to look for ornaments.  Since the Magic Kingdom had just opened, so had most of the shops.  The worker asked Hannah and Cameron to help her decorate her magic tree.  They put on ornaments and then it magically turned on!  She filled in their names on the tree so that all day people could see who helped.  It was a fun little surprise to start our trip!
Also while waiting, we spotted Chip and Dale at the entrance to Frontierland.  The kids loved getting autographs and pictures taken!
Finally, it was time to see Princess Tiana!  It was awesome seeing Hannah's face as she got to see her first princess, and she was quite the princess!  First, she was beautiful!  And it was so fun to see her just as she was in the movie.  Hannah was completley in awe!
And she wasn't the only one.  Mr. Cameron had his turn, and oh boy!  He was smitten right from the start.  Tiana squatted down to his level and just loved on him.  Just look at this face!  It was so fun!
It was almost time for the first show of the morning, so we took our places and waited.  It was a great performance and it was the first time we saw these two...
The kids were in love!  We then decided to head to Fantasyland because there is brand new attractions there that none of us had seen before.  We found Alice on the way so Hannah waited in line while Cam rode the teacups.
We then rode the Winnie the Pooh ride before finding the new Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction.  We couldn't get a Fastpass because we were not staying on the property, but the line wasn't awful so we waited...and it was so worth it!  A small group of people head into the attraction and through various rooms re-visiting the story of Beauty and Beast.  Kids (and dads too!) get assigned various parts to help tell the story to Belle as a surprise.  Finally, we are ready for the show and Belle comes out!  Both Hannah and Cameron got a chance to talk to her!  I'm so glad we saw this new attraction!

Next, we headed over to the new Little Mermaid ride to check it out.  It was so fun and the kids had a blast!  Another great new addition to the Magic Kingdom.  Right next to it was Ariel's Grotto where she was waiting to take pictures and sign autographs.  There was a little bit of a line, but we made it up to see her and it was worth it again.  She was so fun and acted just like she does in the movie!
After that, we took the train back to the front and all the Caseys headed back to the condo for a little rest time.  We had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey and we wanted to make sure we stayed until fireworks, so we thought a break might help.

It wasn't long before we loaded up again to head to the Contemporary for dinner at Chef Mickey.  This was all of our very first experience of a character meal, so we didn't really know what to expect.  I'd say over all, it was successful!  The food was pretty good and you can't beat seeing the classic characters and getting some one on one time with them.  We took lots of pictures!
After dinner, we jumped on the Monorail to head back to the Magic Kingdom for the parade and fireworks.  Main St. was already filling up so we headed toward Frontierland to watch the parade from there.  We got front row spots for the kids' first experience at the Light Parade!  I was too engrossed in watching the kids that I didn't get any pictures!  We walked a little ways and got to see the fireworks before we left.  We didn't have the best view, but we knew we would be back in a couple of days to see it again.  I got one final shot of the beautiful castle all decorated for Christmas before we left.  It was a day we will never forget!

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