Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mascoutah Homecoming

One of our favorite end of the summer events is the Mascoutah Homecoming.  It is three days of animals, rides, food and parades.  Saturday morning, we went up to the park to see some of the animals people bring to show.  Cameron is loving farm animals right now so we thought he would really like seeing the goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs and cows.  It definitely didn't disappoint.  He approached every animal the same way..."Hi ____ (pig, cow, etc.)!  It's me!"  He really, really wanted to touch them and even ride a cow, but he couldn't.  I love how much he is into animals right now!  Then we checked out some of the BIG tractors that were out for display.

That afternoon, we went up so the kids could ride some of the rides.  They do half price rides from 1-4 so it is perfect for our two.  We met Joe, Emily, Emma and Jack up there and the kids really liked riding  most of the rides.  I was so proud of the girls because they even rode a spinny panda bear ride by themselves!
 (Cam is also way into guns right now so this next ride was right up his ally!)
When our tickets were out, we grabbed some food and made our way to our chairs and blankets for the parade.  For a small town, they have an awesome parade both Saturday and Sunday night.  Here's another shot of the boys at the parade...and I promise, Jack really doesn't mind getting a hug from Cameron! :-)
The parade was a lot of fun and we had tired kids on our hands when it was over.  It was a fun day and a great way to begin the end of our summer.

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