Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fun All Around

We have had a fantastic summer!  The weather has been beautiful and we were able to spend a ton of time outside.  Besides some of the bigger days/trips of the summer, we had many, many more low key, memory making moments.  Some of them include...

playing with sidewalk chalk.

having fun moments with each other.

spending Father's Day at the Gateway Grizzlie game with not only Tim but Poppy as well.

taking family bike rides -- to Tropical Sno, to garage sales and the park, and to Tom's for a cookie (in which Hannah rode her bike the WHOLE WAY!  That's close to 4 miles round trip!

having a fun visit with Nikki, Kyle and Jordan for a weekend.
 going to a small local water park for Cornerstone night and the ice cream shop with the Speaks'.
 taking a visit to the Chicago area to see several friends and their kids including the Gorsch family.
 spending time with our small group throughout the summer.

and going to pick peaches and blackberries with the Speaks family.

We also can't forget swimming, swimming and more swimming!  I have loved all of our summer and feel so blessed to have a job that I love for nine months of the year and it also enables me to spend three months with my kids.  I look forward to more memory making summers!

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