Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Happenings 2013

We had another fun Halloween around here.  We started out the month by enjoying our Halloween shirts.  Each kid had two and wore them out throughout the month.
We carved our first pumpkin.  Tim was in charge of this job.  I thought the kids would love the gooey stuff, but both were a little hesitant to stick their hands inside the pumpkin.  Maybe....
Not so sure about this....
Good, all clean now!
Hannah requested a smiley pumpkin and dad definitely delivered.  He looked awesome!  We set up to take a couple of pictures.  These are their "scary" faces with their newly carved jack-o-lantern.
We also did downtown O'Fallon Trick-or-Treating the Saturday before Halloween.  We met our friends for pizza first, then watched the children's costume parade, and stopped at the local businesses for some candy.
On the Wednesday before Halloween, Hannah got to wear her Doc McStuffin's costume to school for a party and Trick-or-Treating at the local assisted living home.  Nonnie picked her and Jackson up at school to transport them to the home.

Then, on Halloween, Nonnie and Poppy brought both kids to my school for my Halloween parade and party with my class.  We have done this every year and it's always a fun day.  I love to watch my own two kids interact with my 6th grade "kids."  I think both sets have a great time!

Later that night, my mom and dad picked up a couple of pumpkin pizzas from Papa Murphy's for dinner before our community trick-or-treating.  They were super yummy!
Finally, Spiderman and Doc McStuffins were off!  It was a cool and rainy evening which was a bummer.  However, we only got sprinkled on a little before finishing our end of the culdesac and heading home.  There were still a few friends outside and both the kids loved passing out candy as well.
It was a fun month that ended in a great night!  Happy Halloween!

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