Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Picking Field Trip

Today, Hannah went on her first field trip.  Oh my!  What a big girl!  Usually, the preschool goes both apple picking and pumpkin picking.  Since the apple crop wasn't great this year, they decided to just do pumpkin.  I took a personal day so I could take Hannah on the field trip.  She had a great time and had so much fun with her friends! 

Meet Jackson -- her BFF.  Jackson's mommy and I went to high school together and became friends because we were both in band and cheerleading.  We stayed in contact through college and then eventually both wound up in Mascoutah.  Melissa needed a babysitter a couple of years ago and ours had an opening.  Hannah and Jackso have spent the last two years growing up together.  Even though we have different day care situations this year, they are in the same preschool class together.  I hear that every morning when they arrive at school, the hold hands and go into class together.  I love that Hannah has such a great friend! 
Our new day care provder's son is also at the same preschool in the four year old class so they were with us at the field trip.  Here are all four of the kiddo's that play every day at Ms. Amy's house!  We are so blessed by a great provider and fun friends for Hannah and Cameron to play with!
 We started the trip with a tractor ride to the patch.  We walked for a little bit and then Hannah found her pumpkin.  She loved picking it out (and then decorating it later with Nana and Papa!)
 After that, we had some apple cider and then Farmer Dan showed us all of the animals.  We were able to see and feed the pigs, cows and chickens and also check out the goats.  This orchard/farm is so much fun with tons to keep the little ones busy!

The rest of the time was spent in their play area.  There was a huge haystack to climb on and through and tons of tractors and other toys.  It was probably one of the favorite things to do on the field trip!  Cameron could not get enough of this tractor!  He was on it most of the time we were there!
Hannah and Jackson also spent some time playing with the corn kernals.
 Both of the kids LOVED this horse tire swing!  They swung for quite a bit and I had to drag them off of it!
 Hannah has such a great preschool and I'm so glad she has opportunities like this!  I can't wait to go on many more field trips with her as she gets older.

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