Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Great Eight Month Old

This picture is so perfect because Cam is ALWAYS on the move!
Today, Cameron is eight months old! Wow! This was such a great month. One of the biggest highlights was that we finalized Cameron's adoption this month! We are so blessed that everything in the last seven months have gone smoothly and enabled us to officially call him a Casey. We also had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with Tim's family and can't wait for Cam's first Christmas at the end of the month. Cameron continues to be our mighty boy who never ceases to amaze us with his strength. Although he still isn't crawling the "official" way, he gets himself all over the house in no time flat by moving around. He kind of looks like he is always doing the worm! He also is pulling up wherever and whenever possible. He doesn't know how to get down, so that results in falling a lot of times, but it doesn't even phase him! He just gets up and does it again. Although the time change was a little rough, he still sleeps great at night going to bed between 7:30-8 and getting up between 6:30-7:00. Naps are still hit and miss. He usually takes about a one hour nap in the morning and 2-2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon. He still loves to eat -- which isn't a big surprise! He loves his bottle and gets so excited when he sees it! We are also pretty much done with puree food and doing table food whenever possible. We are also starting to introduce a sippy cup and trying to find which one will work the best for Cam. Cameron is also babbling up a storm and we love to hear his voice when he is "talking" to us. I can't wait to watch his words get more and more prevalent and hear his little voice come through. Overall, it was another fabulous month! Cameron Casey, thank you for being our sweet, fun loving, happy boy! We love you!

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