Friday, November 4, 2011

Seven Months of Strength

I feel like every month creeps up quicker than the last with our baby boy. And it seems like the constant theme with Cameron is his size and strength. We went to the doctor this week and our not-so-little guy weighs in at 23 lb. and 28 3/4" -- that is over the 90th percentile for both weight and height! Wow! He is going to pass up his big sister in no time! The doctor says that everything looks great and Cam is one healthy and happy boy. He also continues to amaze us with his strength and mobility. He sits unassisted all the time and very rarely falls over. He can even gracefully slide to his belly to start moving when ready. Speaking of moving, Cameron is everywhere! Although he still doesn't crawl the correct way, he scoots and drags himself all over the place without any problem at all. We have also had our first taste at sibling disagreements because Cameron is so active. He could have a plethera of his own toys, but nevertheless, he wants to play with Hannah's. Sometimes, this is not a problem, but at other times, it starts a small meltdown with his big sis. I think this is the first of many experiences we will encounter. Other than that, things are about the same. Cameron loves to eat his food and especially drink his bottle. He also babbles all the time and continues to be one loud baby! It will be fun to see how this continues in the coming months. It's been another great month and we look forward to the next!

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