Monday, October 31, 2011

There Once was a Princess and a Dragon

I was really excited for Halloween this year becuase I thought it would be really fun to find some sort of "matching" costumes for the kids. While at a Carter's outlet one day, I saw some cute princess stuff on sale and decided we would have our very own fairy tale story of the princess and the dragon. I then found a super cute dragon costume at Gymboree (which I had a gift card for) and we were set! Our day started out with my parents bringing the kids to my school for the parade and my class party. Hannah and Cameron were the hit of the party and my 6th graders loved them! The weather was nice for the parade in which the kids peacfully rode along in the stroller. Then we headed upstairs to my classroom. Hannah got a plate full of goodies, and Cameron got passed around almost the whole time. They had a blast!
After naptime, some playing, and a Jack-O-Latern pizza, we were off to Trick-or-Treat. Again, we just did the short part of our culd-e-sac, but that was plenty for our fairy tale characters. Once we got home, Hannah enjoyed handing out candy about as much as getting it. It was a fun night and I think it will just get more and more fun every year!
I also have to add these two pictures of our "Adoraboo" son and "Little Pumpkin" daughter! Man...they both look so big!!!

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