Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Quest for 11

Our St. Louis Cardinals had quite the season this year and for us fans it was full of ups and downs. In August, our post-season hopes were slim and most fans were talking about next season. However, the Cards made a historic run and came from 10.5 games back and squeaked into the post-season as the Wild Card team. And it wasn't over there. The Cardinals continued to win each series and became the National League champions. Onto the World Series! It was an exciting series, especially game 6 which will live on in baseball history. After winning their 11th World Series, Cardinal Nation came out in full force for a celebratory parade. My parents and I went to this in 2006 and we decided it was a must for our family. This afternoon, we all made the trip downtown for the parade. My parents scoped out the beginning of the parade route, or actually the "pre-parade" route and it was a perfect spot for our family. He had a great time cheering on our Redbirds and seeing them with their families.

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