Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts

Hannah and I did a couple of fun Valentine's Day projects before the big day.  The first one was to make a cute shirt out of a heart-shaped doily.  This project was pretty cheap and great for Hannah and I to do together.  Here is Hannah ready to start painting.
And here we both are working hard at painting through the doily and onto her purple shirt.
 Time out for a photo op
Here is Hannah's final project as well as a shirt for me too.  I know it is totally cheesy, but it was so much fun to do this craft with Hannah and end with matching shirts.  She wore hers to my school this morning when my mom and dad brought her and Cam up for my party.  I hope we have other crafts we can do throughout the next several years.
We also worked on special Valentines for Hannah's preschool classmates.  I was searching Pinterest for something cute, easy, and not necessarily food/candy based.  I found these and they were perfect!  Easy to make and super cheap!  Hannah really enjoyed her Valentines Day party and passing out her special, fun straws!

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Kristina said...

LOVE!! The shirts are so adorable--might have to steal that idea :) I love her valentines too--so sweet and simple!