Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Thanksgiving Family Feast

Hannah's preschool has a special Thanksgiving program each year.  Our day care provider told us it was one of her favorite events and I now can totally agree!  The church provides a turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls and drinks.  All of the families bring a side dish to share as well.  When we arrived, the preschoolers met in their room to get dressed, the three year olds are Indians and the four year olds are Pilgrims and got ready for the program.  Then they came into the gym and sang several songs for us and prayed for our meal.  It was so cute!  Hannah was in the second or third road and kind of hard to see, but here is our little Indian getting ready to sing.
After the program, the kids joined their families for the dinner portion.  Cameron was ready to eat at this point!
The whole evening was so much fun!  We have been so impressed with not only the curriculum Hannah is learning, but the activities for both her and our family.  We are so blessed by Zion Preschool!

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