Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magic House Fun

There is a fabulous children's museum, The Magic House, in St. Louis. It's been around forever and I remember going as a child. We hadn't taken Hannah yet, and we thought that over the long weekend, it would be perfect! We have met some awesome friends at Tim's new job at Kaskaskia College, and the best part is that a few of the coaches have kiddos Hannah's age. So, when we decided to check out the Magic House, we asked the Larson's to join us. As much fun as we thought Hannah would have, we knew she would have even more fun with her friend Cash. Tim also found us a great deal for tickets on Craigslist so that made our outing even better!
When we got there and checked in, we picked a section and started exploring. Although I've been there before (a long time ago!), much has changed and I really didn't know what was there. We started at a special exhibit that was based on the Magic Treehouse books. Here is Cash and Hannah driving the wagon.
Another display was a series of clear tubes that ran on suction. Hannah loved picking up the yarn balls and putting them in the tubes then watching them fly around and out!
We also found a sand center that our kiddos could have probably stayed at for awhile. I think a sandbox may need to be in our future sometime!
There was also a waterworks section with a few different water tables. Hannah liked this also!
And not all was too big for baby brother. There was a small section for infants with climbing, standing, playing, etc. Here is Cam crawling/sliding down a small slide. I think someone is going to have fun at the park this summer!
This picture was taken at probably the favorite spot of the day. This area consisted of lots of imagenary play sections including a grocery store, tree house, gas/service station, pizza parlor, bank, nurses station, and Hannah's favorite, a nursery with lots of babies! This was such a hit that Cash was very upset to leave! Next time we go back, we will finish here so that as much time as wanted is allowed. Here is Daddy taking a break with the kiddos.
Overall, it was a super fun morning. We spent about 2 hours there before our kiddos were ready for a nap! I feel like we got a good overview of the museum and have a better plan of attack the next time we venture to the Magic House. We had tons of fun with the Larsons as well. And to finish, here is a perfect picture of how much fun Hannah had today....
zonked out before we even were on the Interstate!

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Jenn said...

We have made one trip to the Magic House, but I'm thinking we are due again. Our girls LOVE the Magic Tree House books....I'll have to find out how long that exhibit will be there.