Monday, July 4, 2011

Three Months and Growing!

It seems like the theme for this month is growing! I mentioned Cam's stats at 10 weeks in a previous post. Around that same time, we switched him to 3-6 month clothes. Over the next three weeks, he is now in 6-9 month clothes and possibly somewhere around 17-18 lbs (according to our home scale)! Holy moly! We have a big boy on our hands!

Cameron is eating 6 times a day and is sleeping from about 9 pm - 7 am each night. We finally dropped the middle of the night feeding which feels wonderful for our sleep! I'm hoping that once we start some cereal and then food in the next month or so we cand drop another feeding and extend his night a little more. He is doing really well with falling asleep at night on his own with only a little crying each night. Naps are getting better every day as well. Some he goes down great with no crying and others just a little crying. We are still swaddling him, but if he wakes early we will unswaddle him and flip him on his belly. He absolutely loves sleeping on his belly!

Of course one of my favorite parts of the past month have been watching him smile and laugh. He will now smile witout prompting and we have gotten him to laugh a little as well. Such a fun part of this age! He loves to lay under his play mat a reach and grab for the toys that hang above. Cameron does great on his tummy and can hold himself up on his arms for a good amount of time. He also has found his hands a loves to chew on them.

Cameron continues to be a joy in our lives and we thank God for him all the time! We are blessed to call him our son and we are excited to see what new things happen in the next month!

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