Saturday, May 29, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Tim's family came here for part of the long weekend and we had a lot of fun! On Saturday, we took full advantage of a wonderful nearby site -- Eckert's Orchard. Eckert's is outside of Belleville and has so much to offer all year around. During the month of May, each weekend was Strawberry Fest. What is so cool about Eckert's is that you can go out and pick your own fruits and vegetables that are in season. We hopped on the tractor and headed out for some fresh strawberries. I wasn't sure what Hannah would think, but despite the rather warm day she loved it! I think this will be the first of many "pick-your-own" experiences at Eckert's!

Hannah with Mommy and Daddy getting ready to pick strawberries!I think I found a strawberry! Hannah loved looking (and tasting) the strawberries in the field.

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