Sunday, May 24, 2009

Go Cards!

We've had a busy Memorial Day weekend, and one of the best parts was taking Hannah to her first Cardinal's game! She was even all decked out in her Pujol's shirt compliments of Nana and Papa! Right after church we headed over to the Lou for a quick lunch at one of our favorite eating establishemnts, Calico's. We then went to Busch Stadium for the big game! It was rather warm, but Hannah was a trooper! She did take a little nap while Gwannie was holding her, which was better than nothing! She also got a special treat from Gwannie and Gampy -- a Build-A-Bear in her very own Cardinal's shirt! It was a great afternoon! The O'Fallon Panther's baseball team was supposed to play at the end of the Cardinal's game, but it started raining at just the wrong time and that game got cancelled. Overall, it was a successful first game and we can't wait to take Hannah back later this summer! Go Cards!

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Kristina said...

Love it--she's adorable!