Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Snowing....and Snowing, and Snowing, and Snowing...

One of the the great things about a trip to Florida this particular year was that once we got home, we still had three days before school started again.  We thought that would be nice to be able to decompress a bit before going back to grind.  What we weren't expecting was the biggest snow since 1982 and being off of school for an entire week!  If I would've known that, we would've headed to Fort Meyers with my parents for some more fun in the sun.

As we were getting back home on January 2nd, we started hearing the weather people talk about a significant snow storm that was going to start on Sunday the 4th.  We were predicted to get at least a foot of snow and possibly even more.  Well, this prediction did not disappoint!  We sure got a ton of snow in a very short time period that also included high winds and blizzard like conditions.  It was suppose to get bitterly cold after that so we took advantage of the first day to do some shoveling and playing.

Although we got better snow clothes and boots for the kids since the last snow, we didn't have good snow gloves.  So we did the next best thing...put some of our big gloves on them and tape them up!  It was quite comical.  The kids didn't last long and either did we.  Here is a shot out our kitchen window of some of the crazy drifting that happened.  It was definitely the biggest snow I've ever seen!
After the initial tons of snow, the next two days were bitterly cold.  The weather people called it a Polar Vortex where the lows were in the negative digits and the windchills down to -15 or sometimes colder! Put that on top of lots of snow and little plowing/melting and we were in for quite a week.  Every night we would wait patiently to see about the next day, and every night we got another phone call.  After the first few days, the main roads were a little better so we ventured out to the Speaks' house for some sledding and playing.
It was the kids' first time sledding and they had a great time!  Joe and Emily have a great little hill perfect for our kids.  They had a great time!

We ended up being off for a whole week!  It was a little crazy and I think everyone is finally ready to go back to school!

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