Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fun in the Sun

Last year, Hannah had her first set of swimming lessons.  They were super successful so it was definitely on our list for this summer.  Cameron also did...let me rephrase, tried...lessons this year too.  Here is the whole crew, minus Ella, on their last day of lessons.
All of these kiddos did a great job and really learned a lot of of new swimming skills.  Cameron, on the other hand, didn't do so great.  I knew it was a risk because he was a pretty young two year old, but I also knew he loved the water.  He still loved the water (and swam like a fish all summer) but didn't quite like to sitting and listening to a a teacher.  He did not pass the first level and will be doing it again next summer.  Hannah did great this year as well.
Here she is playing the wrench game.  Still isn't quite ready to go all the way under yet.
End of the summer update:  Both kids have made a ton of progress swimming.  In the middle of the summer, Hannah finally got brave enough (with a little "peer pressure" from her best buddy Emma) to take off her floatie, jump into the pool, and swim under water to me.  She also likes to dive under water for her diving toys.  I am so, so proud of her and her accomplishments in the pool this summer.  Cameron also continued to enjoy the water.  He loves to float, jump in, dive under, wear his "eye goggles" and so much more.  I love our little fishes and spending our summer days at the community pool.

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