Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This Sweet Girl

is growing and changing every day.  I love watching her become a little lady right before my eyes.  She is a great big sister and I love watching her and Cameron together.

She is learning so much at preschool!  Her vocabulary has come leaps and bounds in the last year.  I love that she loves going to school and then telling me all about it when she gets home.  I pray she will always have a love for learning that will guide her whole life.

She loves for me to snap pictures of her being silly or goofy or just looking cute.  I also find many pictures on my phone of stuffed animals or toys all lined up ready to go.

I love that she still lets me pick her clothes, but that she also wants a say in what she wears.  It's fun to see her personality come out in her choices.  I know this may not always happen, but it's fun for right now.
Hannah, I enjoy watching you grow and change right before my eyes.  I constantly pray for you and for Jesus to take hold in your heart.  Thank you for being an awesome daughter!

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