Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our BIG Girl

Lately, it seems like everything Hannah does reminds me more and more of what a big girl she is getting to be! We are just a few months shy of planning and celebrating Hannah's 2nd birthday. Here are some highlights of some of Hannah's latest "big girl" accomplishments:

*We've been practicing using the potty before bathtime each night. We've had a few successful attempts, but most of the time we just sit and practice. I think Hannah is getting more and more aware of what may be going on so I think we may give it a real go over Christmas break.
Hannah LOVES to be outside! Every day after school we play outside until dinner and then usually go back out until it's time for a bath. One of Hannah's favorite things to do outside is to walk the dogs. Sometimes her little legs have to move pretty quickly to keep up with the "boys" but rarely will she stop walking them!
*Speaking of outside, when we were at the park recently Hannah really enjoyed swinging on the big swing by herself. She has always enjoyed swinging, but she seemed so big on the big girl swing!*Sometimes it's the little things that make her look so big. A few weeks ago we got Hannah her first pair of Crocs. Also, her hair is getting so long. When we put it up in pig tails our little toddler looks pretty big!
*This weekend, we also started transitioning her to a "big girl" bed. We converted her crib to a toddler bed and she has done so great! Both Saturday morning and when her Saturday nap ended, she got up on her own. However, we told her she needed to stay in bed until we came and got her and she has stayed there until that time ever since. We are going to keep working on her room and get it completed with a big girl twin bed, new paint and new bedding when Nana visits in October.


Kristina said...

Your blog looks great! I can't believe how big hannah is getting!!! I agree that her pigtails make her look much bigger (I think the same thing about Kinnick when he wears a hat...)

Jenn said...

SHe is growing fast, she will be all ready to be a big sister when God brings a new member to your family.

Erin said...

Love the new post! She looks so adorable and so much like a big girl in her new bed, way to go Hannah!

Ruts said...

Sounds like you'll need some new Uppercase Living in that new room too! ;) She does look so big! Can't wait to see you guys again and have you meet Grady!